My business: client centered approach. An open line of communication is the cornerstone. I am not your salesperson, but your advocate. I want you to know about the community you're moving into and all of the pros/cons to make the most informed decision. I will be equally as happy when you find 'the one'. 

My background: banking and I have a B.S. in Counseling, so numbers and feelings are sort of my thing. 

My goal: I want your head to hit the pillow that first night in your new home without stress or worry, without feeling you were pressured into a home, without feeling you overpaid and with fun memories of the process. 

Contact me if: you are curious about buying a home, exploring a new community, want to know the value of your current home or just want to grab a coffee. I love creative people, good food, homes and I love learning about what brings people joy.