Great Expectations

If it is made of carrots it is good for you, I’m not open to hearing otherwise. We came for kettle-corn and left with a stroller full of baked goods somehow. Stranger than that, I had change from a $10 bill. The Piney Orchard Farmer’s Market. We finally made it.

Earlier in the morning I was called to show several rental properties in my neighborhood (you know that I cannot say ‘no’ to that). This particular appointment included 3 first floor condos and thank goodness for that. I was a true #mompreneur with BOTH kiddos in tow.  I thought I would treat them to an afternoon adventure once we wrapped up.

Rentals are an underrated opportunity to grow as an agent so I gladly take them on. You get experience showing houses to clients and master having conversations where at some point an objection to navigate will arise. Rentals have the reputation of  being more difficult than a sale, but like I always say, we are not selling houses –collaborate for success! Managing expectations for the client is huge, but also with yourself: I’ve learned that as a rookie agent spinning my wheels being totally reactive instead of proactive. With one of my very first leads I eagerly showed the family 33 properties. THIRTY. THREE. They were not the easiest people to work for, but a series of conversations should have happened that didn’t. We wasted loads of time because the expectation was not set and we ultimately parted ways. I got a huge tax write-off for those miles and a lot of life lessons.

Furthermore, rental transactions can be somewhat rewarding: I’ve enjoyed the experience when a rental client genuinely thanks me as I was the only one to return his/her calls. It also doesn’t bother me when it’s my name they remember the following year when they are ready to buy (!).

The market is small in size but not small in exuberance. Talk about pride of ownership, and talk about local, I had a smile ear-to-ear. ‘E & A Baked Goods’ held my attention for a solid 30 minutes chatting away. The representative that was there went into great depth of each and every step involved in making her lemon cookie. Sounds pretty boring, right? But she could have been talking about rocket science, I was right there with her, waiting with bated breath for what was to come next: how was she going to zest the lemon? ah! It was her vibrancy that was captivating.

I learned that she operates as a cottage bakery, straight from her personal kitchen.  She is retired and simply wants to share her art face-to-face with her clients. All the while I was lulled into this conversation I was most impressed with my daughter Vivian. She appeared to be standing politely and QUIETLY still…she had been given a bag full of heart-shaped butter cookies. This baker might not have a website, but she sure knows how to market.

Now to the real story: the food. The muffin was moist, flavorful and had pecans and raisins (There are two types of people in the world: raisin-phile or raisin-phobia, pick a side). Carrot cake has always been one of my most favorite things to eat, but of course it cannot be a weekly occurrence. The muffin shape, sans cream cheese frosting, made it more casual and less guilty for me. After we parted ways with the baked goods vendor we were drawn to the brightly colored tomatoes. We met a gentleman from Deep Cove farm in Churchton who told me exactly how to make lima beans (I don’t remember the directions, not quite as riveting as the cookie for me). There was fresh honey and corn, the colors were splendid. We never got that popcorn, but I am so glad we went.

You’re craving a carrot muffin now, aren’t you? Here is how you can find them!


  1. That little farmers market always hits the spot. The reps are so friendly. I may be guilty of visiting more than I can count last year.

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