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Short Stack: Gluten Free

Tiny. Colorful. Aromatic. Underwhelming. Overwhelming. But gluten free?

Over the Summer, I showed a property on 27th Street in Remington, at least twice that I can recall. It was super cool, complete with classic brick walls and even a few flashes of exposed beams. The main takeaway for me: the constant bakery aroma that wafts in each time you open an exterior door. Either this had to be the best place to live or the worst, I’m still not sure: Sweet 27 Bakery was right next door. This home physically shared a wall with it. I’m not sure I could do it, could you?

Three separate occasions since that July, I was told to go visit Sweet 27. So, after wrapping up a showing on Saint Paul, I walked a few blocks and BAM! I was there. It is an underwhelming store front, a tiny space with minimalist decor. It’s not located in Charles Village, but rather, Remington. This neighborhood has seen serious increase in property values over the last 5 years, largely in part to tax-incentive programs for developers. Remington Close to MICA and John’s Hopkins, R House, Ottobar and all sorts of swanky hip restaurants. Sweet 27 is part of the community, all you have to do is check out their IG tags to see that everyone is welcome there, and no one dislikes their food. Inside the bakery, it is a bit tight. The chairs are brightly colored aqua and yellow,  with simple wood round tables.  The display case held upwards of 15 flavor combinations  they do custom FYI.

I ordered a Lemon Buttercream because I’m a fan of baked goods that try to be two things at once: sweet and tart. We all cross that road of wanting to be two things at once, right? Or at least to be in two places at once (queue ‘A Walk to Remember’ scene). This Lemon Buttercream was a CHART TOPPER.

In the middle of the second glorious bite, the owner behind the counter said, ‘that is gluten free and his is too.’ I audibly scoffed at this! I am not in the market for trendy food allergies (sorry not sorry). But I couldn’t be mad at something so tasty, so succulent, so filling. The essence of it evoked a response, each taste echoed the individual voice of that flavor. No doubt it was sweet, but it was the citrus zest that gave me a good kick. More often than not, I seek to eat sweets until my face falls off, but this one was more than enough for me.

A local Kombucha brewed in Baltimore to wash it down, and I went on my way. Leaving Sweet 27 I felt excited, happy and slightly creative and that’s how I felt when I walked in. It was welcoming and it was delicious and it made me feel the way I wanted to feel. I need an excuse to go back, or do I?

Better question…do you want to live within walking distance of this spot? Click the front door below to see what is available NOW

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