Old Mill Cafe Ellicott City Lavender Latte

Short Stack: Lavender Latte

Let me shout this loud and clear: I LOVE lavender lattes! Coffee shops are measured on a scale of one to lavender for level of ‘craft’. How they are made or their intricacies of flavor, I can’t be bothered with, it is a simple pleasure at face value, that is good enough for me. I have a reoccurring day dream in which the lovely baristas go out back to a garden and waft freshly picked lavender over my cup. At least this is how I felt as the dreamy drink hit my lips one foggy Thursday morning at Old Mill Cafe in Ellicott City. Paired with a maple cinnamon twist, I sat present in hands down, my favorite atmosphere of the year.

Walking through hundreds of houses each year, I’ve become skilled at identifying why I like a space. Moreover, I revel in discovering the details which make me feel a certain way and spark my imagination. Old Mill Cafe was not a business to me while I was there, rather a new friend had invited me over for coffee and a chat. Here is why I felt that way: scores natural light, creaking floor boards, actual book shelves, spindle-back chairs (same as my Mom’s kitchen) and the sounds of laughter. It was an ordinary Thursday, no one knew who I was or that I was going to visit for the first time that day. The noticeable diversity was one of my favorite takeaways; a splendid collection of ages, races and accents. Two people struck up a conversation, it was evident they hadn’t known each other prior and became fast friends right before my eyes.

Back to the treats, that’s what you came here for, right? The flaky crust of the twist was a surprise. Often when you get too heavy on the butter and cinnamon in a twist it gets soggy, but this was fresh. I always give a big ‘thumbs up’ to a vanilla drizzle and this was no exception. The lavender latte did not leave a weird after taste as I’ve grown accustom to with this flavor. It was clean and fresh from start to finishing sip. On a separate note, Any coffee shop with a chalkboard menu should be applauded for two reasons: 1.) they have an employee who has seriously good handwriting and 2.) more importantly, it is sign of a business that rotates the menu often enough.

Will I go back?

Absolutely. I want to try their crepes and plan an evening visit to enjoy some live music with my hubby.

Is this place a great spot to meet with friends?

Yes, and you will likely make a few new ones too.

Does Old Mill Cafe represent Ellicott City well?

Highlighting all of her beautiful traits: kindness, comfort, charm, art…. I’d say, YES, I think it is quintessential EC.

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