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Ginger Mojito

Spinach, strawberry, mint, ginger, lime, coconut water & chia; adds up to one delicious Ginger Mojito at EarthShake. This is one of about a zillion fresh beverage combinations at my new favorite Juice Bar in Baltimore. Instagram brought us together, but the menu will bring me back time and time again.

This is one of about a zillion fresh beverage combinations at my new favorite Juice Bar in Baltimore. Instagram brought us together, but the menu will bring me back time and time again.

” When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind…let it be something good “


I want YOU to have the Sunday afternoon I had. As you know, I love my job. My day-to-day is nothing to complain about, but one afternoon a week I take time to destress and decompress. It’s not time for anything productive, rather, something just for me that I purely enjoy. Yoga, a consistent presence in my life, fuels my creative brain like no other. Taking a class might be like watching your favorite Star Wars movie or sampling a new flight at a local brew- yoga gives me that. Another activity I enjoy: trying new juice combos (20x more enjoyable when I don’t have to clean the vita-mix). This particular Sunday I enjoyed a Yin class at Charm City/Yogaworks Fell’s Point then walked to EarthShake a few blocks down. It got me thinking of the kind of life someone could live if Fell’s Point was his/her home. I had this pleasant day dream as I took in the sights and sounds of Thames Street.  

Two of my favorite things woven into a glorious afternoon with the thread of Fell’s Point.  The very first place I fell in love with the city was Fell’s, I think a lot of non-native Marylanders can agree; it has an easy way about it. The vibe is welcoming and bursting with energy. I always wish the walls would talk!  How great it would be to know the daily lives of the people in the 1700’s who walked these cobblestone streets. It bustles in a way I imagine it did 200 years ago, just some of the finer details have changed. Instead of trading fur, tobacco and  produce, you can order a smoothie on DoorDash (plug for EarthShake- they deliver through DoorDash).

Crossing the threshold of 600 S Wolfe Street I’m greeted by the clean lines and the many happy tchotchkes. The tower garden brings a brightness to the space and gives me the confidence that these folks know what they’re doing.  The owner pops in now and again with arms full of pineapples, mangos, and boxes filled with greens. I was happy to have him stop me on my way out to ask about our experience. If only every business owner I met was this excited about his/her business! Jack was elated to tell me of his new location in Locust Point, the progress he is making over there (it is now open BTW). Here he was on a early Sunday evening delivering fresh produce and taking orders. Jack is fully involved in the day-to-day operations. The passion is reflected in the product, it was refreshing and delicious. They have a combination for any ailment or benefit you could imagine. The Ginger Mojito is fresh, but packs a big tart punch the first few sips, your taste buds acclimate and it is golden. Hit my empty stomach like a soft pillow, I love anything ginger for that reason.   

How can we bring this home?

Fell’s Point has some magical spots; places that offer yoga, juices and brunch spots to die for. It holds the characteristics of a true Ginger Mojito: a refreshing twist on a classic, cool place, best enjoyed by the water. Living here would be equal parts Zen, laughs and historically charming.

As I write this, there are 90 standard sales actively listed in a range from $129,000 to $12,500,000 (yes that is the correct # of zeros). From January 2019 to May 2019, the average list price of the 121 listings in this neighborhood is about $530,000. Compared to the entire year of 2018 here which closed 157 sales with an average list price of $543,000*. It indicates, to me, that the inventory is high. Buyers are capitalizing with slightly better prices in a historically lucrative market. As a Realtor who represents a lot buyers, this makes my heart soar.

*data pulled from my direct access to BrightMLS as a licensed Realtor


So…you scrolled to the bottom to get a synopsis

  • Fell’s Point is a great starting point to explore Baltimore if you’re not from here.
  • The Architectural aesthetic has not changed much since the 1700’s, which gives this community something special.
  • The neighborhood has always been in front of the upcoming health trends, jam-packed with yoga studios and my new fav: EarthShake
  • EarthShake is a local small business owned by Maryland native: Jack. If you visit, you will most likely run into him because he is that involved in his business
  • As always, Wander Homes offers direct access to the MLS to search all homes in the DMV.
Click on a house to tour some Fell’s Point homes

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