Effort and Ease

You never know just how tense you are until you try to relax. Go for it…try right now. Close your eyes and breathe. I bet your teeth are clenching or maybe your hands. You may begin to see that the very act of ‘trying’ to relax only adds more tension. I read that, “Knowing how you want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have. The next step is making connections between how you want to feel and how to actually create those feelings in your life” (Danielle Laporte). Intentionally, I chose to find ease in 2017 by taking the path of least resistance; utilizing the natural gifts and passions that I have to drive my actions.   Imitation preceded creation in my first few seasons of real estate. Instead of finding success their way, I found it my way.

My loving husband and I were discussing an article about the balance between creation and consumption. In essence, this spiraled to my daily tasks and how little time is spent being creative. My life was entirely one-sided: I had consumption overload but ZERO creation on my weekly schedule (as so many of us do). Desperately, I thought learning a new language would help or maybe this ‘coding’ trend would satisfy; but, both were a flop. Because of that catalyst, though, I discovered a little dream I didn’t know I always had…it bloomed right where I was planted. The Local Wander has given my business purpose and has given my right brain a major workout. I have found my soul fire with a balance of effort and ease

“The path of least resistance isn’t about shortcuts, cutting corners, or being clever. And it is certainly not about making mediocrity acceptable. It is about optimizing the truth. It is about casting your seeds on fertile soil for your best chances for success.” – Danielle LaPorte Fire Starter Sessions

Looking at my transaction count YTD I smile genuinely and close the chapter of 2017 with a heart full of gratitude. Granted, there were a few collaborations that were not easy and I can’t afford to forget those lessons. At times I felt covered in a fog cloud or I had ‘transaction vertigo’ as I like to call it. Asking price, offer contingencies, home inspector selections and price matching title companies; I felt like I was scrambling, I hated the feeling. Guess what, guys? I needed to manage my expectations more than theirs. Buying a home is a huge deal.  I can’t say that these ‘things’ are not of importance. The fact of the matter is that everything is important when I work with someone. Handle with care…

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My tangible realization: there is a heartbeat in a home and it is largely a reflection of the neighborhood community. I love my home– my coffee shop, and my yoga studio, and my farmers market– so what would my client’s lives be like if they lived in Hampden, Odenton, Walkersville, Columbia? I began partnering with local businesses wherever my office was that week. Irina’s Crepe Cafe, The Brown Box Eatery, Ragamuffins Coffee House  perfectly encapsulated the community to me.  This sparked something. I began to look forward to showings more than ever. I was eager to experience a different part of Maryland and to share that with my clients. Not only did I receive positive feedback from my clients, but the genuine ‘thank you’ from the businesses themselves was the cherry on top. These wanderings stoked the fire.

Take the ‘path of the least resistance’ was my mantra for 2017 and it was an impeccable fit. I went with what felt right and I honed the skills that I naturally have- it worked! Previously, my  2016 mantra  was (pleasantly) ‘give zero F’s’, before that was ‘just go for it’ (a derivative of YOLO). Moving into 2018 with my goals, in mind my mantra is: ‘walk a mile in his/her shoes’. Empathy, understanding and the ability to be flexible.

Behind this door is the beginning of my year; the fruit of my momentous intentions. You guys, I am going to do big things in the next few months, patronize the best local dives (always taking suggestions!) and learn a ton &&&  I invite you to come with me.


Here is a list of the things I…


  • Words like ‘nice’, ‘safe’ ‘convenient’ are not the same definition for everyone. You can’t expect people to make the logical decision. What I value in a home isn’t the standard grade for everyone. Stop pushing
  • Build rapport. It is acceptable to ask someone to clarify what he/she means.
  • Finding success in the ways that are ‘tried and true’ is great, but if I hate every second of it-I’m not doing it.
  • You cannot be pushy with recommendations. I was harshly reminded that they are just that: recommendations and NOT orders.
  • I can make my job as fun or as lame as I want. Just turn the dial because I am in CONTROL.

did well

  • Managed expectations. As a Realtor I became proactive rather than reactive.
  • I was intentional with everything I said ‘yes’ to. Work/family balance was on point
  • Sought help from mentors and learned more about the mechanics of a home than I ever had. Talk to me about hydro-thermal heating systems and flood insurance, I’m a pro!
  • I was incredibly happy and made purposeful choices to ensure that happened.
  • Read a lot of books + had NO screens for the first hour and last of hour my day.

will be committed to in 2018

  • To empathy- I need to put myself in other’s shoes. I will continue to harness the creative force for The Local Wander by imagining what my life would be like if I lived there.
  • To FIRE- I don’t have what makes me giddy with excitement on my daily calendar, I’m not doing 2018 right.
  • To checkpoints- Weekly, monthly, quarterly; am I doing what I set out? Have I lost course? Has the vibe changed?

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