My husband notoriously makes fun of me because if there is something that could be described as ‘tacky’ or may fall under the ‘knick-knack’ category I am all over it. More than that, I will likely treasure it and hoard it for the rest of our lives. I am not cheap; I merely enjoy sentimental things. Maybe the object itself doesn’t serve a practical purpose, sure, but that makes it even better to me. Trinkets are the key to unlocking a moment in time, a precious memory. A pause for reflection allowed me to realize that I like layers. Pieces of something positively make a greater whole and are individually great as well. Layers morph something basic into something meaningful AND layers signify time which incurs wisdom.

Maybe it is meeting a new friend and the discovering that he/she has many layers of personality and the journey of discovering the layers of the human heart. Or maybe it is simpler than that: the comfort that layered clothing provides me so that I may always be the absolute perfect temperature. And don’t get me started with layered food…yes mashed potatoes are great, but SO much better with sour cream, melted cheese and chives….BRB…

Bringing this home…my listing in Laurel had my undivided attention as we walked through the interior- notepad in hand. The layers were revealed to me with pride: the wainscoting, chair-rail, the new counter tops and even a miniature door for the tooth-fairy to visit. The best part, other than the aesthetic beauty? With each layer came a story from a moment in time for the home owner. We were told about the day when that new layer appeared and why. Seriously, like the rings of a tree, this home was a chronological landmark for the growth of a family. So yea, listing your home is a big BIG deal to me. It would be impossible for me to not keep this in mind when conducting the business portion of the transaction. When you collaborate with a family to sell their home you have to understand that it is WAY more complex than selling a product, a house. Handle with care…

We were scheduled to have the first snow of the year and with my clients out of town, I drove by to check on the house. Thereafter, I made my way just 2 miles down the road to Ragamuffins Coffee House. Within that short drive I left a wooded suburban zone to an eclectic, Historic Main St. with brick walkways. Passing through only a few stoplights I was emerged into a time capsule. You can see the layers of time in the construction,  this downtown sparked my imagination. This is probably what it looked like a hundred years ago- more layers! Laurel is underrated in my humble opinion. With the intersection of three counties, anyone can find a layer to make a new home. I digress…The business had an certain appeal to me from the name and exterior. There was a post in the Baltimore Sun last May that in the slug said something about ‘spiritual brews’…ok, I’m in! Beyond the front door the initial things I adored: historic site, dog-friendly, exposed brick walls, Christmas lights and cactus plants everywhere. I knew that Ragamuffins and I were going to get along splendidly- Lord knows I can’t keep a plant alive and I am always suspicious of those with a ‘green thumb’.

I walked in a mess and left as a happy, heavily-caffeinated mess. Ragamuffins Coffee House in Laurel welcomed me with a smile and more than that: delicious coffee. In my few hours of work there, beyond almost completing my 10 drink punch card, I saw the incredible dynamics inside. They have a brewing 101 class, yoga, live music and fellowship. More than a place to fill your mug this business serves with a purpose: to offer an environment for community. A place for the 20-something college student on her Mac, or the older man meeting his Lawyer to discuss something serious and even the ridiculous Realtor taking selfies with her latte; all are welcome.

SIDE NOTE: I wanted a peppermint mocha concoction and they didn’t have that so they gave me a peppermint stick and said DIY- YAS! Made it an experience to remember (it was delicious by the way),

So….you scrolled to the bottom just to get a synopsis

  • Layers are beautiful, in people, places & things. Layers mark time like the rings of a tree.
  • As a listing agent you MUST understand that a home is a chronological landmark for family growth. Handle with care. If you’re selling a home with someone who doesn’t show empathy- give me a call.
  • Laurel, Maryland has many layers of history within the community and architecture- check it out!
  • Ragamuffins Coffee House serves their brew with a purpose. Remarkable overall vibe and extremely welcoming.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, the selfie that took an awkwardly long time and obscene amount of setup to make happen. But for real, I was contemplating deep, philosophical meaning…like why I can never remember if I’ve locked my car or not.

Want to see some homes in the neighborhood? Click the front door!


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