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Winter Scone


“Great beard, you are beginning to look like a Sea Captain”

“Do you happen to have a biodegradable fork?”

Taking in the sounds as I wait for my tea and scone at Bakers & Co in Eastport, I was intrigued by the customer population. The atmosphere is simple. Eastport is a charming Annapolis neighborhood sprinkled with late 1800’s construction, mainly 1900 Victorians, 1920 Cottages and a fair amount of 1950 Cape Cod homes; plenty of new construction styled to pay homage to those already there.

The overall aesthetic that I gather is casual elegance in this shop. I wouldn’t put it into a ‘preppy’ communal feel, although the nautical undertones are not hard to mistake. Far from a ‘theme’, it gave the vibe of a museum. Classic black and white flooring gives a nod to the black and white striped awning outside. It is always a good idea to carry patterns through.


there that is again…

The simple design element that I love the most is the massive front and side windows. Natural light is always superior to artificial. These windows allowed the day to come inside and from where I sit, my eyes take in the picket-fences of the quiet side streets. Bring the environment in! Folks, design your home with this in mind. Keep your shades open and if you’re house hunting, chase the light.

This place is tiny, I had my  2 year old with me and already promised a goodie, (quintessentially past the point of no return, there was no forgetting I said it) and grew anxious when we walked in to a packed house. It was freezing outside and with little time to sort through the menu, I went with a quick choice of the Winter Scone, not knowing what it was.

Let me just say, I love a scone, you can put anything in there. They are resourceful little devils, gathering up nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolates, bacon, spinach- you name it! They don’t come in a particular shape and are relatively easy to make. That is my type of pastry. Winter Scone was just that: an array of dried fruit with a silky vanilla drizzle hit my lips. I was in total euphoria. A little perspective here,  I have only one photos of this without grubby little hands in it.  If baby boy likes it, it is good, because he has been raised in coffee shops, his standards are higher than most 2 year olds.

Back to the reason I was in this neighborhood: the house tour. Yea, you’re going to want to click that link.

Not lacking in sophistication, this cottage was full of details. Sometimes too many little things going on in a small space look cheap, not the case here. I couldn’t help but notice the echoed details of the classic vibe of  Baker’s & Co. I smiled at the checkered back-splash and will always love built-ins. There were even a few crystal door handles (a huge score IMO). Homes in the neighborhood range from $220,000-$3,000,000 on the peninsula right now with the average price leaning towards $800,000.  Drive down Chesapeake Ave and you will see that the home owners have a pride of community unmatched by others, they obliged to keep the neighborhood timeless. A true gem!

So you scrolled to the bottom to get a synopsis…

  • Baker’s & Co is a classic Eastport establishment, a must visit if you’re in the area
  • Eastport has a wide range of housing styles, all with steep price tag for the level of charm and sophistication
  • Scones are my spirit animal, and this one actually tasted like the season of Winter!
  • Simple design elements like large windows (or opening the shades) bring the community feeling indoors, incorporate that into your home and see if you feel a change

Click on the front door to see Eastport homes!

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